DST Project Department of Entomology ANGRAU Agriculutral College Bapatla Andhra Pradesh Murthy's Weather Health Monitor
Web enabled weather based decision support system for forewarning of YSB & BPH
on rice in Andhra Pradesh

Weather and climate are non-monitory inputs in agriculture. Information on weather helps in day to day planning of all agricultural operations and the knowledge on climate helps in selection of crops, cropping pattern etc., in any given location. In “soil-plant-weather continuum”, both soil and plant contain, “water” and “air”. Therefore, these two have “life” and scientific terms “soil health” and “plant health” are in vogue. However, both “water” and “air” are “weather elements”. Therefore, weather has “life” and “weather health” for crop production is defined as “The potential force through which weather elements perform their several and cooperative functions optimally for better crop health to produce potential yields”. Based on “weather health” conditions, the management options for all agricultural operations including plant protection measures can be adopted by the farmers.

This is an integrated website under development to monitor “weather health” of rice crop to forewarn Yellow Stem Borer (YSB) and Brown Plant Hopper (BPH). Therefore, it is proposed to develop, evaluate and apply different agrometeorological tools and services for inclusive growth of all stake holders of weather climate information in general and rice farmers with reference to YSB and BPH in particular.

In a way this is an interactive website useful as an educational tool in which students, teachers, scientists, extension specialists, decision and policy makers, administrators etc., gain knowledge and exchange information on weather climate for fruitful use. The tools and services that may be made available in two years are, GDD calculator, rainfall analysis, water balance, Murthy's concepts and most importantly information on weather based forewarning of YSB and BPH.