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Web enabled weather based decision support system for forewarning of YSB & BPH
on rice in Andhra Pradesh

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  MurthyWHMNet data may be accessed and retrieved free of charge. Although membership is not a requirement, access to data for Guest Users is limited to the publicly available tools on the web page. Registered Users who login have the privilege of accessing the entire Weather data set through the web based tools that are provided upon login. Once you are logged in, choose 'Historic Data' for tabular data, or 'Graphs' for visual data. Registration information is confidential and used by our staff for statistical reports and to provide better services. Therefore, we encourage all users to register for an MurthyWHMNet (MWHMN) account and login.

  How do I create an MurthyWHM Net Account? To create an MWHMNet account, simply fill out this form, agree to our terms of service and specify whether or not you will be providingany information products based on MWHMN data.

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The models, data, software, and information on the WeatherHealthNet website are provided 'as is.' Dr.VRK Murthy makes no warranty, express or implied, to any user or to any person or entity, including without limitation the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the models, data, and software applications on the weather website. Dr.VRK Murthy will not be liable for special, incidental, consequential, indirect or other similar damages, even if his University or its employees have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Reference to commercial products or trade names does not imply endorsement by Dr.VRK Murthy or bias against those not mentioned.
Reprinting and redistribution:
The information in this web site is the property of Dr.VRK Murthy. Dr.VRK Murthy holds all copyright interests unless specifically indicated. Permission to reprint is given with credit acknowledgement given to Dr. VRK Murthy and the WeatherHealthNet project. A note of intent sent to murthy@murthywhm.in is appreciated.
Organizations and individuals are free to provide a link to this site from their web pages without prior permission. A note of intent sent to murthy@murthywhm.in is appreciated.
Condition 1:
I agree not distribute raw data from the WeatherHealthNet . Instead, I will provide others with the following statement: "To access raw data from the WeatherHealthNet , go to WeatherHealthNet web site URL as follows: www.murthywhm.in".
Condition 2:
I agree to include the following statement on weather information products provided to others as follows: "Data provided courtesy of Dr.VRK Murthy's WeatherHealthNet. Data are copyright of Dr. VRK Murthy.
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